“Welcome to Japan”

“Welcome to Japan”. These were the first words that I saw after leaving the cold, crowded plane. I had been interested in this country for a long time and to visit Japan was a dream of my childhood. I went to the baggage claim and easily found my things. As soon as I took my bags, I went out and felt the Japanese air. When I left the airport, I was on emotions. I was so glad to be there that I did not even take a taxi, and immediately, with my heavy things I went to see the delights of this country. That was a March morning, and the time when cherries blossom in Japan. Without understanding, I walked for as long as five hours and at one point I realized that I had no idea where I was and I also did not speak the language. I had forgotten that my friend was to meet me at the airport. I was seized with anxiety but I didn’t lose myself and decided to continue my way. I wandered for some time and suddenly I noticed a temple in front of me. I went in and a monk met me at the door. I don’t know how but he guessed that I was lost. The monk kindly offered me a room and as it was already too late I gladly accepted it. I had a wonderful sleep and woke up early in the morning to the sound of strange music. It was the monk’s morning ritual. After the ritual, he came and offered me a cup of tea and gave me a telephone to call my friend. I talked to him and explained my situation, but I realized that he was very upset. After half an hour my friend was at the temple. I thanked the monk and said goodbye. I was very happy to see my friend and to finally go home with him.
That day became the most memorable day of my life.