The word “Alaska” comes from the Aleut ‘alah’sa’ or ala’sh’a and is translated as a “whale place”

The word “Alaska” comes from the Aleut ‘alah’sa’ or ala’sh’a and is translated as a “whale place”, “whale abundance”. According to other sources, the name of the regions comes from the Aleut word, meaning big land, continent.Hawaii
The discovery and development of Alaska belong to the Russian people. Alaska was discovered in 1732 by an expedition of seafarers, headed by under-navigator Ivan Fedorov and geodesist Mikhail Gvozdev on the ship “Gabriel”.
The US bought Alaska from Russia on account of debt for 7.2 million dollars. Until 1867, Alaska was part of the Russian Empire. However, it was sold to repay Rothschild’s debt to Russia. The cost of Alaska was estimated at 0.0474 dollars per hectare (11 million rubles in gold). It is noteworthy that up to Russia, the money did not reach – the recipient of them was a certain person in England.
The distance between the extreme points of Russia and Alaska does not exceed 3.5 km!
The area of ??the peninsula is over 1.5 million square kilometers.
One third of Alaska is in the Arctic Circle. It’s very cold in Alaska. The lowest temperature within the United States was recorded in Prospect Creek in Alaska in 1971 and was – 62 degrees Celsius! And not casually in Alaska about 10,000 glaciers.
Alaska is the largest state in the United States and contains one-fifth of the entire land area of ??the United States. The capital of Alaska, the city of Juna, can be accessed only by sea or by air, it is the only capital of the US state without land communication.
Alaska is the most saturated in terms of the amount of natural resources. Alaska has more than three million lakes, about three thousand rivers, one hundred thousand glaciers and about seventy active volcanoes.
In Alaska very much not only oil, gold and fish, but also bears. For fifty dollars at a local store you can buy a special spray from the bears.
Alaska is considered the richest state of the United States. The region’s GDP is 39 billion dollars. Alaska also ranks third in GDP per capita, an impressive figure of 60,079 dollars. During the “Gold Rush” gold diggers have washed up on Alaska precious metal for 4.4 billion modern dollars.
Through the territory of Alaska is a large pipeline stretching almost 1,300 kilometers from the Arctic Ocean to the Alaskan Gulf. Since 1977, 10.5 thousand cubic meters of oil pass through it every hour.
The population of Alaska speaks 22 different dialects. Among the inhabitants of the region there are Indians (Atapaski, Haida, Tlingit, Tsimshians), Eskimos and Aleuts. In the state there is also a small number of Russian descendants. If New York had the same population density as Alaska, then only 29 people would live in Manhattan. Instead, Manhattan is populated by more than 1.5 million people. Imagine the difference!
The coast of Alaska goes to three different water bodies – the Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Bering Sea.
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Downed animals on the roads of Alaska are given to the poor so that they can feed themselves. Large animals like caribou (better known as reindeer) and moose are the property of the state, and after the accident, citizens are required to report this to the state authorities. Special services take the animal and many who need help get food.
National sport in Alaska – dog sledding. Alaskan sled huskies are medium-sized dogs, with a genetic cocktail of different breeds: Siberian husky, spitz, malamute and hound.
In Alaska was a city where the mayor was a cat. For a cat named Stubbs, the mayor was voted in the city of Talkitna, Alaska in 1997. The animal served as an honorary mayor for more than 15 years. The cat had a very tight schedule for the reception of visitors (up to 40 tourists came every day to see the mayor), as well as to protect against attacks of local dogs and teens with pneumatic weapons.
In Alaska, there is only one railroad that connects the cities of Seward and Fairbanks. But it’s special: a passenger can take a train anywhere, if he throws out a white flag (scarf). Perhaps this is the only railway hitchhiking in the world.
The flag of Alaska was invented by a thirteen-year-old boy who took part in the competition for the best state flag and won.
Golden stars on the blue flag of Alaska represent the constellation of the Great Bear and the North Star, which enters the constellation of the Little Ursa.