Procedures in a laboratory is very important within a lab

Procedures in a laboratory is very important within a lab; therefore, they need to be clearly and effectively communicated. This is because communication helps keep danger to a minimum as well as instructions, advice and information. For example, posters and signage are a way of communicating, in reduces danger and increases safety around the lab and for people. However, some workplaces do not have clear communication about any hazards or danger, and because of this people have become hurt.

Good communication is also important to ensure that everyone is clear about their health and safety responsibilities. It ensures that everyone in the laboratory understands the risk and why they need to be controlled. Communication also is important for safety issues, this means that there are less accidents and injuries to occur. Good communication ensures that the correct information is passed on; this means that mistakes are avoided. It also ensures that the procedures are followed properly.

Communicating lab procedure to all lab staff mean that the staff know what to do when carrying out an experiment, this mean that work understand the risk that can occur while doing an experiment, and how they can be controlled. Good communication means that works are informed about chemicals and their hazards, this will inform them about the hazards and chemicals around them and the dangerous of the chemicals.