Nowadays, people are being physically set apart from each other by technology. In fact, most people admit that they feel more comfortable when they chat or communicate with their acquaintances through social media than in person. This could be a result of a modern lifestyle; however, it leaves both negative and positive effects on society, especially, on family matter what happened or what will happen, a family is where you can share your feelings, problems or others and you will look for a solution together with your family.At first hand, social media has made a huge contribution in tighten up the relationship between away from home folks. Oversea students or workers have a chance to stay up to date with their family status through facebook or other social apps which can be a cure for homesickness. Actually, they can communicate with their family in the best conditions even when they are miles apart. For example, video chat shows facials expressions and pictures convey instant emotions. This is an advantage of social media.