Child’s hair should be left to air dry however

Child’s hair should be left to air dry however, if parents do decide to use blow dryer they should keep it away from hair at least 15 cm and use low power as children’s hair and scalp is sensitive to heat. Caring for children’s hair is different if they are afro Caribbean, their routine is going to be:
Step 1: Afro Caribbean hair should be washed between 7- 10 days and moisturising shampoo should be used as normal one can make children’s hair dry. If child has thick hair shampoo and rinse their hair again.
Step 2: Children’s hair should be conditioned every day and after washing hair. Before you rinse out conditioner from child’s hair, de tangle them using comb.
Step 3: Using towel dry child’s hair and leave it to air dry. If parents wish or prefer to use hair dryer, they should use low heat and the hair dryer should have diffuser.
Step 4: When the hair is dry, using brush with natural bristles comb through child’s hair. If they have long hair divide it into parts to make it easier to de tangle them. Finally, use leave in conditioner or hair oils for child’s hair.