At the end of the experiment period in late November

At the end of the experiment period in late November, all fruits were harvested and the numbers of fruits were counted. Then, the average yield of fruits (fruit number/tree) as g per tree was calculated. Fruits were taken at random from each tree in both seasons and prepared for determination of chemical fruit quality assessment such as ascorbic acid content (vitamin C) according to the method described by AOAC (1990). Ascorbic acid content (Vitamin C) was assessed by titrating with the 2-6-Dichlorophenol-indophenol in the presence of the acidic indicator (Metaphosphoric acid) until the color changed to pink. Result expressed as the mg of Ascorbic acid/ 100 ml fruit juice.
Yield water use efficiency (WUEET; kg/m3), was carried out using the water efficiency parameters (total fresh fruit yield/ water amount consumed) according to the method of Begg and Turner (1976).