1.1 Identify different reasons why people communicate
People communicate for a number of different reasons and these reasons include:
• To build relationships with people
• Giving and receiving information
• Giving and receiving instructions.
• Discussing a situation.
• To tell someone what you want or need.
• To express a concern or to make a point.
• Develop learning.
• Negotiate.

Through communicating with children in child care settings you can learn their names so you are able to talk to them when you would like to and call them by their names. Calling children by their names instead of saying “You, over there!” or “Oi, you!” is much more respectful. When communicating with children it is good to take interest in the children so you can learn what a child likes or dislikes their culture, needs and abilities. Also if you have very open body language, a smile and good tone of voice you will be seen as more approachable whereas if you have closed body language like folded arms an unhappy face and are rude you will be seen as very unapproachable.

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To effectively communicate with children it is good to go down on their level by kneeling or sitting because this makes the child feel safe and more connected to you. This shows that you are paying attention and listening to them.